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"Why do bad things happen to 'Good People"?"

In support of agnostic views, and in another weak attempt to dismantle Truth, my beloved colleague proceeded to propagate heresy, degrading my previous post "WHY DID GOD CONDONE SLAVERY?" as mere ludicracy, opposing reference to the Holy Scriptures, and consider my conversation obsurd. He proceeded to say that "Slavery is not one of those issues that God can afford to be neutral or indifferent to", whilst he himself continues to embrace a neutral agnostic stance on these most sensitive issues (God's account of his Laws recorded in the Holy Scriptures).
So let me see if I get this correct, God should show compassion toward a sinful and terrible generation and pull them out of slavery, while people in turn conclude that He mightn't at all exit, and care not to search His Words or His requirements. Not reasonable! In addition, prostitution can not be compared to slavery, as my friend tries to bring about this comparison in his final gasp to keep his ideology afloat, questioning why God condones prostitution. Non-sense!
As obsurd as it may transfer, the fact is 'prostitution' is a shortfall in the will of man. 'Slavery' is the hand measured by God upon specific nations for a time as a consequence of their own deeds as a people.

Should our scope of believe permit us further research, possibly we would come across the 'Slave Rights Acts,' and too come to the understanding that slaves had rights. Nations become rebellious at times, and all have their own recompense.
I do understand we may feel that blacks have suffered under slavery more than any other group, but without denouncing former knowledge conclude, I will never know it all. And without disregard of former things, I recline that God has the final say.
Covering the topic as to 'why good people die everyday?'. According to the Holy Scriptures, all have sinned and have come short of the glory of God. Sin enters into man through disobedience. It is not before a set period of time that will God redeem the Elect (6.5 Great Day = 6,500 years) from the entire ruins of the world and wiles of the devil. Until such time, both the just and the unjust come to a common end.
In the Resurrection both will stand before God, and each will gain their reward accordingly.

JAH Lives!

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