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The Forbiddentext offers commentary on The Kingdom of God, discusses Spiriuality, Revelation, and things shortly to come. We raise the issue regarding the detriment of our morality and modern lifestyle to our survival and redemption as  humans.  Traditions, and ideologies of various societies are brought into view as we chart the history of man, and study the different aspects that affect his well being, and future. Come with Us on this exploration of Truth. Together let us unvail the Kingdom of God.

H.I.M Haile Selassie I
We will highlight certain issues and give reviews that may differentiate us from conventional theorist regarding the Nature of God, The Messiah, the concepts of Heaven and hell, The Restoration of God's People, The Promise Land, etc.. Included are important video and information hyperlinks in support of our mission.

Jesus Christ

Our goal is to propagate sound knowledge, and to allow Truth to bring Us forward to the Perfect day. Our beliefs are critical to our survival. Come with Us as we surf for Truth. The quality of our earthy experience will be tremendously enhanced when we enbrace It.

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