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Repatriation of the Black Jews

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"Africa for the Africans.."
Whatever happens, DO NOT TAKE the Mark of the Beast that the New World Order issues (To be place in either the forehead or right arm.) Without it you can not buy or sell, but hold steadfast till the end. Remember, follow the survival path, and keep being faithful to God. The Almight God Himself shall return for the rest of his faithful Christians who didn't fall to the Beast, and lead them to The Promise Land- The New Jerusalem. Take a look at the Old Jerusalem - filled with Muslems and self proclaimed Jews. Now we will have a New Heaven and a New Earth - The New Jerusalem, as the Bible explains. Hense fulfilling the prophesy, "Look to the East from whence cometh our help.."
We will remind you that Heaven and Earth are concepts that govern the division of places on Earth, and the mentality of the time. Can you picture the Illuminati going into Africa to put a mark on everyone there also? No, it wont happen. Thus we will have a New Heaven, a physical place on this Earth, where we can be at peace. A Safe Haven for the New Government of God to be established. Hence the earth, 'western places and way of doing things', passes away. And a new day begins. It is Us, the carried away captives of slavery, who bear the responsibility of looking back towards the East, to rebuild the land of our forefathers; for our own comfort and perpetual security. The time has come when we must use our Western education and experience to rebuild our own Land, in Peace and Love. "He that hath ear, let him hear..!" Peace be to you. Almighty God's richest blessings be upon you, and guide you to the Promise Land. See you there!!!

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