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"The Lost Sheep.."


It is written in the Scriptures, "Of whom much is given, much is required.." Thus, these inscriptions are vital to the reimbursement of Truth. We've made way for further research by adding links and references.

Our site is updated periodically to include further sightings viewed as supplementary to this mission. The foremost issue We propose to discuss in this section of our site is that of 'ignorance', and by it the invitable destruction that postludes. We must cease from believing that we do not need to find out sound knowledge, and that we have to remain followers whilst being lead to hell, kept in ignorance. Through 'ignorance' the first sin was committed, when the devil preyed upon Eve's ignorance of God's Law. Through it man suffers, dies, and is not brought to see the Face of the Almighty. Wisdom is the principal thing.

"He that hath an ear let him hear.."



Let us then pull apart the word 'ignorance', to see what makes it so sinful. This word is an adjunct to the word 'ignore' or ignorare, which means to know but to disregard. Here we see that it is not a matter of man not knowing God's Word, but whether he chooses to restore himself to Truth, or continue in ignorance and go to hell. Allow me to reiterate: The Knowledge of God is not far and remote as we are made to think. Especially with the advent of the internet, we are now even more responsible in realizing the Power of God, and His intentions for us. Without knowledge we are like lost sheep. Fortunately we now have the means of searching out all things.

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The Bible says.."seek and ye shall find.." Our goal is to ignite the fire of Truth. We impell you to
seek wisdom, and get understand. 
We also encouage you to hold steadfast faithfully until the Perfect Day. (The Lord's Day የኢት)
How our beliefs shapen our lives:
To emphasizes the ambiguity of ideologies when it comes to life and the future we'll look at this one concept. Generally speaking, how can it be said that life is what you make it, then on the other hand teach that what is to be is to be? To my knowledge, one concept contradicts the other. Most folkes actually ignorantly embrase both theories, then proceed to try and justify their conviction. Truth is: Destiny is set. We have little to do with It!
Past, Present, Future
Since we seek to enhance our human experience, there are certain aspects that must be scrutinized regarding our basic existence and our religious transitions.
What is the Duty of Man and his Purpose
Life as we know it, to certain degree is unexplainable, and almost seems to happen by chance. In order to get a good insight as to the proper way of life, we must go back to study the errors and successes of our ancestors, the people to whom God spake directly. By charting history we can unravel some of the confussion that causes a lot of our present dilemma. 

THE SIN: Idolatry; Crimes against Humanity; Lack of Justice, Peace, Mercy and Equality. The forfeit of man's rights to procreate, recreate and dominate the Earth; freely love God and each other. 

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