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The Chronology of Events

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Sumerian texts reveal the visitation of beings of unparalleled intelligence. Famine, devastation, widespread natural disasters, global moral shifts and World War III will drastically change the world as we know it. The Churches of the World unite themselves as one, to serve the great fake world teacher-Lucifer.

The New World Order is put to full force, exercising it's full Laws of Power and Marshall Law over the nations, causing most everyone to receive implantable RFID electronic tracking devices under their skins. Money becomes obsolete, many Christians fall for the Great Deception (The Antichrist and his Wiles), Truth (The Church of God) enters into the hearts of the ordained and is kept untainted during this Tribulation period and throughout The War of Magadan (Fought between the US, UK and Israel, against Iran, Russia, and China). 

According to the Scriptures, the time of the Great Tribulation lasts 7 years. The remaining number of God's saints are prosecuted and killed for His name sake. Satan is then bound for a thousand years, and God's people dwell on earth in peace for that time. The Devil is then set loose upon the earth again for a short timeafter this 1000 year period. Then comes the Final Judgement, where the wicked is destroyed and is no more. Satan is restrained to hell forever. And Jah lives with His people, and reign from Zion forever more..


Soon the Ancient of Days will return and save His people from complete distruction. According to Scriptures, if not for Christ's return during this devastating period no flesh would have been spared, for the sake of mankind's wickedness.

These are all Biblical events and records of our time regarding the end of the world and the setup of God's Kingdom.

"He that hath an ear, let him hear!"


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